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There are multiple points of interest at Llyn Clywedog that are perfect for a day out. At the dam itself is a short walk that sits below the reservoir so if you are with a young family then this is probably perfect for you. However, if you are feeling a bit more ambitions then there is a walk that takes you round the whole dam. 


Our son, Connor has spent many days either cycling or driving through the area that Llyn Clywedog sits in and has suggested that if you are wanting to make it worth your time then Llanidloes and Plynlimon should also be on your checklist. 

Llanidloes itself is thriving with heritage so if you are after a place that speaks history then this is a great place to visit. It is the first town down from the river Severn which brings us on to our second point of interest. Plynlimon is the source of the river severn and is also a short drive from Llanidloes, the walk itself is easily accessible and although it is 600m above sea level the walk is very pleasant and is clearly walked along the way. 




Montgomery is our closest town and aren’t we lucky to have such a beautiful one. Montgomery hosts a variety of different walks around the town to help you explore some of the gorgeous landscape that Wales has to offer, our favourite out of the lot is Lymore but will be Offa’s Dyke Circular on the website. Lymore goes round the back of Montgomery and travels through the surrounding fields, if you are after a leisurely walk then this one is perfect for you ( 4 miles ).



To go hand in hand with the Offa’s Dyke Circular path in Montgomery is the whole Offa’s Dyke. Although we are not saying to walk the whole path which is 177 miles in total, their a subsections within that give you a taste of what the walk has to offer. Out of all the walks we recommend doing, this is by far the most difficult but at the same time would the most rewarding. It is around 15 miles in total which is no mean feat but would give you both a massive sense of accomplishment as well as an abundance of views. 





If you are lucky enough to have a good camera then make sure you don’t forget it when visiting Hafren Forest. Out of all the walks it is the most walking friendly for those that don’t want to worry about having to carry a map in their hands. When you arrive at Hafren Forest you will be welcomed to a choice of walks that vary in both difficulty and distance but you can be sure that each of them are lovely. The whole of the Parry family have spent many an afternoon here so we can vouch that you will have a great time. Hafren Forest is also a 10 minute drive from Llanidloes so if visiting Llyn Clywedog or Plynlimon isn’t enough then be sure to come here. This is also home to the 'Clywedog Dam' - nesting Ospreys from the 'Dyfi Osprey Project' are often seen hunting on the reservoir. All levels of ability provided for, with the longest walk taking you to the 'source of the Severn ' river.


One of Wales's wonders is on our doorstep at Plas Robin. At 240 metres, it is Britains tallest single drop waterfall. There are multiple different walks that you can take depending on how you are feeling. We suggest you do your research if you are going further than just visiting the waterfall. During peak season it can be very busy so we would suggest getting there early or later if you are getting there during summer months. 

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